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... is where I keep the links to fanlistings I've joined. Who am I? ECHO!

You might (or might not) know me from my personal domains:
echoing.org, echoes.nu, echoic.org and the domain that hosts this collection, echoverse.org.

I go on random joining sprees. Therefore this list grows in fits and starts, bulking up in certain areas as I go. Perhaps you and I are fans of the same stuff. Read on and find out, fruitcake!

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 Angel/Illyria:  Buffy / Angel:  Buffy vs. Faith:  Buffy, Spike and Angel:  Buffy/Cordelia/Giles/Willow/Xander:  Buffy/Cordelia/Willow/Xander:  Buffy/Faith:  Buffy/Giles:  Buffy/Giles/Willow/Xander:  BuffyBot & Spike:  Darla & Dru:  Drusilla, Angelus & Spike:  Eden & Mohinder:  Fred & Wes:  Fred and Angel's Friendship (frangship!):  Hiro & Charlie:  Peter & Claire:  Peter & Claude:  Peter & Nathan Petrelli:  Slayers & Vampires:  Spike & Xander:  Spike vs. Wood:  Spike/Andrew:  Spike/Angel:  Spike/Joyce:  Spuffy:  Summers Sisters: Buffy & Dawn:  The Scoobies : Buffy / Willow / Xander:  The Scoobies, Season 5:

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